How to Make Family Fitness Fun

In the middle of busy school programs and packed weekends, how can you make time for family? Even harder, how can you keep your kids interested and engaged?
Parents who make fitness an integral part of their daily lifestyles and get their children to engage raise children who are inclined to be happier, healthier and perform better in school. Not just that, the family activity can promote communication with elderly tweens and teens, giving parents a different way to connect with their children in a low-pressure atmosphere.

“Rather than saying,’let’s move on a run,’ locate a game which has running inside, like shuttle runs or sprints.”

SHAPE America echoes Fredrick. It provides 101 Tips for Family Fitness Fun, full of simple ways to encourage families to remain active together.

Fredrick also proposes using the internet as a resource and meeting children where they are supposed to get started. “We all are not super creative,” she says. “There are many fantastic resources online for family fitness. Pinterest is a great place to begin; or start by just getting outside to get a simple walk, but also make it an experience. Look for heart-shaped stones or find the largest leaf or greatest walking stick.”

The very best way to keep kids engaged is to follow their pursuits and change things up. By using variety and games, children will learn how to equate fitness with family fun. “The top things I hear from my students is,this has been the best game ever,’ and they’re bent over trying to catch their breath,” Fredrick says. “They have no idea they simply did a 20-minute workout involving running and heart work.”

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